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Originally from Flint, Michigan (MI), Travis Jones also known as Big T Beatz, found his passion for music as he grew up in the church and being active in school and the community; he was always known for being the center of attention.

After leaving MI he moved to Pennsylvania (PA) to pursue football. However, the toll of being away from family, in addition to other uncontrollable circumstances, Beatz lost the drive to write music.

“I was in a funk when it comes down to trying to get it in musically. I was there for four years.” 

At one point, Beatz was really into the music he was producing. At the time, Underground was a good movement he created for Demolition Squad (DSM). It was a group of producers that he helped produce, engineers, and artists. They all came together to form the group. However, not being in the right headspace, Beatz left PA to move to Maryland (MD) where he fathered a child and needed to make some changes to find his passion for music again and release the tension and stress he was under.

“And making music was that opportunity for me to kind of just get back into my safe place and also to express myself.”

His life story and going through the struggle and healing is what allowed him to express himself through his music authentically. Listening to his songs, you can hear the cause and effect. He explains his experiences, how he got out of a situation, to then the outcome.

You can listen to his full album on Spotify, Pandora, Youtube, and more.

Watch the full interview here: https://youtu.be/T_aGG6bZOjI 

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