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Our company was founded by Bobby Everything in Dayton, Ohio in April 2021.

Bobby has been making music since 2005, and has been recording, producing, and mixing for many years.

He started his first marketing company in 2006 and has run successful campaigns for many artists. He's experienced in digital marketing, street team promotion, event coordination, music business, label operations, and much more.

Bobby's journey hasn't always been easy. He struggled with drugs, hustling, and the street life, and even did time in prison. But he turned his life around and started Crock Pot Cartel while in drug treatment. What started as just a music review show has now grown into a worldwide team of professionals that offer professional services catered toward independent artists.

At Crock Pot Cartel, we're passionate about helping independent artists succeed. Whether you need help with digital marketing, street team promotion, event coordination, or anything else, we're here to support you. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who know the industry inside and out, and we're committed to helping you achieve your goals.

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Unapologetic: An Artist in the Making

October 11, 20232 min read

If you’re a fan of hip-hop and rap, then you’ve definitely heard of Unapologetic. His raw, encouraging, and reflective style has been making waves in the scene since he first started writing his own lyrics 16 years ago.

Unapologetic was born into a musical family. His mother’s side of the family was especially musically inclined, with his sister having a voice comparable to Miley Cyrus. Although he never had an official music teacher, he taught himself to write, sing, and play the piano.

When asked about his artist name, Unapologetic said that it came from a desire to encourage people to be who they are without fear. His mission is to spread the message of self-acceptance and resilience.

Unapologetic’s creative process starts with an idea for a short story. He has to feel the emotion and situation before he can start writing lyrics. His main source of inspiration is the people he meets in therapy, which has helped him heal a lot of his own wounds. He admires NF most, and has even set his sights on attending one of his concerts in the near future.

When asked what his typical day looks like, Unapologetic said he works during the day, and spends his nights writing and recording music. He also makes sure to spend time with his wife, especially on the weekends. As for how he balances his music and other obligations, Unapologetic attributes it to a strong work ethic.

Unapologetic’s best gig was in the sixth grade talent show, where he won first place. His worst performance was in high school, as life had taken its toll on him and he was a lot more shy. He still gets anxious before he goes on stage, but he’s determined to defend himself from a negative mindset at all costs.

If you’re looking to listen to some of Unapologetic’s music, you can find it on Spotify at the link


If you’d like to contact Unapologetic, you can find him on Instagram at


You can also email him directly at unapologetic.rap@gmail.com.

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