My artist name is Aoimori. My artist name is Japanese because it’s my favorite language I took years of it. I’m from Daytona beach, Florida born and raised. I’m a single father to an amazing son who has Autism. Soon will be diagnosed with it myself. I write about my struggles with mental illness. I make music because it’s therapeutic for me to get my feelings out there somehow because I really struggle talking to people about it and think that stems from the ASD. My one real wish for my music is to help other people struggling with mental illness to know they aren’t the only ones out there and that I’m here for them and I truly mean that. I would rather someone hit me up at 3am then un-alive them selves. I take inspiration from Lil Peep even tho our styles are different him and Crypt are my two favorite artists if you don’t know of them check em out.

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