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Hey what good with my Crock Pot Cartel La Familia? Today I will going over some of my favorite platforms to find new fans. Hope everyone enjoys!!!

Making music is one thing , but finding new fans is a whole nother eats. It doesn’t matter how much music you make if no one ever listens to it. Today I will be sharing with yall some of my favorite platforms to find new finds and different techniques I use to get them to listen to my music!!


One of my favorite platforms to find new fans is Reddit. Reddit is basically the front page of the internet. There are different sub-reddit’s for all different topics and genres of music. There are so many people on Reddit looking for new content and new music. You can use these sub-reddit’s to your advantage. If you make certain type of music or music about certain topics, its easy to target potential listeners by what sub-reddit they are interested in. For example if you make music that’s inspired by video games or anime, you can go to those sub-reddit’s and the people you find there will more then likely be interested in what you are doing.

Just go to and start a new account. Then start searching for sub-reddit’s that might relate to your music. Get involved in popular post’s, create posts and reach out to people you think would like your music.

2. Facebook

Facebook is a great place to find new fans. With active users in the billions it shouldn’t be hard to get a 1000 fans. Facebook is another great place to find new fans. The same way you can find sub-reddit’s with reddit, you can search for groups on Facebook. There are thousands of groups for any topic you can think of. That’s why I feel like it is so important to make music about certain topics or causes, because it automatically gives you a target audience. If you make a hip hop song talking about your struggles with mental health, there is a chance people that don’t even like hip hop would still be into your music because of their struggles with mental health.

You can post your music in the music promotion groups but its better to really try to find your target fan base. When you have a vision for your brand and know who you are as an artists its easier

3. Intastagram

Instagram is a great way to find new fans. With their Reels feature and IGTV feature, you can get your content in front of a ton of potential fans. When posting content to Instagram you have to make sure your content is high quality, engaging and most importantly entertaining. If people respond to your well to your content , Instagram will push it out to more people. if you create a REEL and it performs well to the first 100 people that see it, Instagram will show it to another 1000 people and so on. It is so important to make sure your content is entertaining and keep people on the platform. If you can keep people watching your content , then Instagram will reward you.

Post more then just music on Instagram. Let people get to know you. Make people buy into you as a person and they will be more likely to support you as an artist. Post videos talking about your life, your past, your dreams and even your struggles. The goal is to make people relate to your content. People share content they relate to and Instagram rewards you when people share your content. The key to success on social media is to create shareable content. Shareable content goes viral and viral means more fans.

To succeed on Instagram you need to research hashtags related to your music and use them when posting. Also get active in your niche. If you are a beatmaker, get active with other producers. Comment on their videos , jump in their lives, collaborate with other creators on your level. If you have 1000 followers, reach out to creators with around the same number and offer to shout them out if they return the favor. It is important to post to your story at least ten times a day and make sure your face is in the first post. Post 1 – 3 reels a day and do at least one IG post every other day.


Tik Tok is a great platform to get new fans. The viral potential you have on TIKTOK is like no other platform. Tik Tok is like no other platform. You have such a high chance to be seen by a new audience on tik tok. If you get with a good posting schedule, stay consistent and post good content. YOU WILL SEE SUCCESS ON TIK TOK. Easier said then done though. My advice is to set aside a day in the week you aren’t very busy and just record content all day and save it to your drafts. Then you will have content to post all through the week.

Spend twenty minutes a day to see what is trending on TIKTOK and what is working for people in your genre. Stay up on what sounds are trending and what challenges are trending. Put your own spin on them and get involved. I know you might think that TIK TOK is for kids or too corny for a Gangster like you to get involved, but trust me, you are missing out on a ton of potential new fans. Put your pride to the side and get involved.

It is best to stick with one type of content when you start TIKTOK. If you are going to post beat making videos and tips, then stick with that. If you are going to post singing and cover videos, then stick to that. You want you following to know what type of content to expect from you.

You need to be active and consistent to be successful on TIKTOK. Make sure you are post everyday and more then once if possible. It is best to post at least 5 times a day at the beginning. Also you want to post at the right times. When your videos start to do well, look at the analytics and see what times you posted them and keep posting at that time.

So there are just a few of the platforms I think are best for finding new fans. Also if you want new fans you can submit your music to The Crock Pot Cartel Music Review Show. It airs on at 7pm EST every Monday through Friday

See you there!!

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