My artistic name is BLAVKO BANKZ; pronounced “BLACK-O” Bankz. I am from the 757, Virginia Beach area; home to legends like Pharrell Williams and Missy Elliot to name a few.I am also known as Blavko the Creepa, Blavko the Ruler, Blavko the Menace. I am introduced by the other names when performing on stage as the different types of songs I have written and co-produced, have led to these different types of personalities that come out of me when I’m performing or writing my songs. But I was originally known as “Black Vibes” as I was a more conscientious rapper in 2013/2014, but as time progressed and the more serious life got around me, and the more I struggled to stay afloat, the more I wanted to just have fun with my music and to not write about the trauma surrounding my life anymore. Eventually after I drifted away from the more conscientious rap and started making more turnt up/ hype rap, someone named me “Blavko” and it stuck. I added the “Bankz” later on in life.

I started rapping when I was nine. I started taking it seriously after I was shot three times at the age of 13 and I had to drop out of high school due to being in the hospital and being tubed up for a year. I got my GED but quickly saw I was going to face trouble in life if I didn’t pick a trade or craft that was going to provide me the life that I needed. Rapping at that young age was the only thing I knew I was for sure talented at so my grandpa, who was the only and last family member that raised me, told me to pursue it and don’t stop until I accomplish it. I for one thing have been doing it ever since.

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