South Korean Rapper “KhekkedUpNate”

“Khekkedupnate is a 19 year old artist from central Florida now stayin in Chicago, IL. He freestyles songs but he can also write too. His music has its own original sound and he tries to stay in his own lane without copying other rappers. His music is more melodic and wavy and although he mainly makes rap music, he can also sing and incorporate his skills into his raps, making him versatile enough to create rap music and mainstream music. He is also South Korean which makes him very different from the competition, but he is very far from the stereotype on Asians. He took music seriously about 6 months ago and he will continue to strive no matter who hates him.💯”

This song is a “Trip”

Words from Gabby

“I just have always had a passion for music and creativity. I’ve been singing since I was about 4, and I’ve been struggling so much to get my music heard because I am from such a small town with close minded people. They don’t believe anyone from this area could make it big, but I’m hoping to prove them wrong! I want a voice, and I want a chance to touch people in the way other people’s music has touched me. “

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“Young Penny” New Single Supporting Womens Abortion Rights

“Back from a months long hiatus, Young Penny is back with new music. His latest track, “PLAN B”, Details the struggles of inner city youths with curbing their natural needs and financials. This song is in support of women’s rights in light of the current events surrounding abortion laws.”
Young Penny has no social media, all socials and business matters are handled by the teams at the label “Black Smoke Records LLC” and management at “Rosemark Point LLC”.

Upcoming Bedroom Artist “XPLICIT”

“A new upcoming artist straight from his bedroom with a passion for one take freestyles and learning how to mix as well as make more professional music, I stream my progress and general buffoonery on twitch @xplicitthegamer as well as on Instagram which is @xplicitthegamer. Search xplicit freestyle on SoundCloud you will find me as well. My goal by my death? To be a household name 😉 peace out y’all”