Australian Rapper “DeDre”

Dedre (aka Andre Da Silva) is a rapper reigning from Adelaide, Australia. He first started rapping in 2019, recording through a $100 mic then gradually moving to a professional studio. Dedre describes himself as an energetic hype artist who brings nothing but good energy. He was first inspired by such artists like Drake, Tyga, Schoolboy Q and more from the West Coast scene. With his new song and video “Aye Aye’ just released, Dedre is out to show the world why he is the life of the party. Coming from a small city, he hopes to put his city on the map. Stay tuned for the ultimate era of Dedre… 
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My artistic name is BLAVKO BANKZ; pronounced “BLACK-O” Bankz. I am from the 757, Virginia Beach area; home to legends like Pharrell Williams and Missy Elliot to name a few.I am also known as Blavko the Creepa, Blavko the Ruler, Blavko the Menace. I am introduced by the other names when performing on stage as the different types of songs I have written and co-produced, have led to these different types of personalities that come out of me when I’m performing or writing my songs. But I was originally known as “Black Vibes” as I was a more conscientious rapper in 2013/2014, but as time progressed and the more serious life got around me, and the more I struggled to stay afloat, the more I wanted to just have fun with my music and to not write about the trauma surrounding my life anymore. Eventually after I drifted away from the more conscientious rap and started making more turnt up/ hype rap, someone named me “Blavko” and it stuck. I added the “Bankz” later on in life.

I started rapping when I was nine. I started taking it seriously after I was shot three times at the age of 13 and I had to drop out of high school due to being in the hospital and being tubed up for a year. I got my GED but quickly saw I was going to face trouble in life if I didn’t pick a trade or craft that was going to provide me the life that I needed. Rapping at that young age was the only thing I knew I was for sure talented at so my grandpa, who was the only and last family member that raised me, told me to pursue it and don’t stop until I accomplish it. I for one thing have been doing it ever since.

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My name is Cameron. I was born and raised in Southern California. I started off in 2013 working as a professional hip hop dancer in the heart of LA. Now I’m an aspiring artist, writer, and producer. R&B is my passion. I’m excited to see where my love for music takes me. Thank you for any support given, it means more than the world to me 🌹

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Michigan Songwriter “Nikey Joe”

I am a Michigan songwriter, mainly ft. on TikTok, who happens to sing a little bit. I have been writing most of my life, I can hear words in beats and lyrics in everything. I am fairly new to actually putting my music out there on my own. I know that Music will change the world, that sound can heal on all levels, and music can make you feel things that allow you to rise above your ego. So I’m gonna keep pushing my lyrics, touching one life at a time until I can change the world collectively into a love consciousness. It may sound crazy- but as crazy as it sounds I know I can heal this world; so that’s what I’m going to do and that’s why I write every day. 

This is a 15 second clip of a song I wrote called forgive, it’s about self-forgiveness and self love- to break the spiral cycle that you go in when you refuse to integrate your shadows and let go of the conditioning that’s compressing you. This is unedited, recording on my cell phone, no beat just raw A-cappella. I did go to school for radio video broadcasting, I just need to finish my studio. 

IG: Nikey_Joe_Music

TikTok: nik_key_joe

YouTube: Nikey Joe

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DaiDai started writing music when she was thirteen years old. Writing started out as a hobby for her, she would write in notebooks, journals, tablets, notepads, electronic devices, and whatever she could utilize as a pen and a pad. DaiDai LOVED music as a child. She had many artists and sounds that she favored. DaiDai began her career with another local artist as a duo called Legion, for a short period of time. DaiDai’s style of music differs because, at times its two genres clashing together. She’s redefining music in her own way. She’s telling stories, dropping knowledge, and giving advice but in a way that’s going to catch all age groups attention. She favored artists like: Michael Jackson, QUEEN, Lenny Kravitz, Missy Elliott, and so many more. DaiDai wrote and composed the single LIFE. In this piece there are piano ballads and guitar solos. The message behind the song is about Mental Health. This is a personal song that she felt needed to be shared because Mental Health isn’t talked about a lot and we lose children, parents, siblings, and friends behind this topic. DaiDai struggles with some depression along with other issues as well as she’s had friends that have took their lies due to similar issues. This piece will shine the light on Mental Health Awareness that it deserves.