New York Artist “Sleepyiki”

Hello to all you beautiful souls ~ My name is Jeremiah Smith and my artist name is “Sleepyiki”. I was born on September 14th, 1997 and am from Long Island (Hempstead), NY. I’ve been playing saxophone since I was in grade 3 and have been using FL Studio for over 10 years. I wanted to start sharing some of the projects I created with the world to hopefully touch them in
different ways and give them different vibes to listen to. I started releasing music in the beginning of 2019. My favorite genres of music are Hip Hop / Rap, EDM, and Reggae. Recently, I started going to a studio with a group of friends and it has definitely changed the quality of my
music and been a learning experience (even though doing everything solo was a learning experience as well). I plan to drop my first studio album this year (2022) hopefully around March / April. Stay tuned and vibe out to the tunes that I have dropped and will continue to drop, much
love ~
Here is “RAGYR (Feat. P. Emery) available on Spotify and other streaming platforms:

New Producer – Jason Solley

I am obsessed with music. At the age of five I began digging through my father’s record collection, amazed by the amount of unique and powerful music that existed. I loved all genres and styles. Pink Floyd, 2Pac, Otis Redding, Beethoven, Dolly Parton, Nina Simone, Van Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, John Williams, Joy Division, Leonard Cohen, and about a thousand other artists’ music lives in my head and my heart. Out of necessity, I make my music on my phone. This is simply because my computer is down, but I’m not financially able to replace it. I have no formal music training and technically can’t play any instruments, but my passion is all I need. My style is whatever. I don’t like to be bound by any genre. I’ll make music forever.

Cali Based R&B Singer/Songwriter

My name is LaShelle. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I am a singer/songwriter/author/book publisher. I have been singing and writing for over 20 years. The two are my passion, and it’s where I can be myself most of all. I released a song for the first time ever on May 5, 2021 titled “24 Hours 2 Long” as a tribute to Mrs. Vanessa Bryant, who I hope gets to hear my song one day. The title displays Kobe and Gianna Bryant’s jersey numbers. It’s a song of loss and heartbreak, and although I can’t imagine what Vanessa is going through, my heart was and still is with her. 24 Hours 2 Long was my way of grieving for her, for them, all the lives that were lost. I completed writing the song on January 26, 2021, on the one year anniversary of their passing. This song is truly for anyone who has ever lost a love. I believe my ability to empathize with others inspires my writing on many days. I have always wanted to share my expression of music with others. I mainly write R&B music, and my sound is definitely 90s. It’s where my heart lives. Anita Baker is my all-time favorite artist. However, there are many artists that had a great impact on me musically. I want people to hear me, and relate to my music. I want to touch the hearts of others, bring people together, inspire and encourage people with my voice and through my lyrics. Just vibe with me.
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K3UBE – 1st Metaverse Multi-Lingual Boy Group

We are K³UBE: ZIK, NIK, & MIK
K³UBE (K³) is 1st metaverse multi-lingual boy group debuted in 2022 making music that inspire digital generation to dream up!

For pandemic we have a special play list “Heros of Pandemic”

Debut EP – “Hold Me Now”
“Hold Me Now” is K3’s first original dual-version song, the English version featuring K3 member NIK the lead singer. The song is written by K3 member ZIK and the English lyrics are written by producer Maxie from Skylight Studio in Stockholm with the purpose to thank all the hard working medical professionals and people who contribute to protecting lives during the Pandemic.

A Nashville Rapper Who Writes Lyrics To Help Him Stay Sober

A Nashville Rapper Who Writes Lyrics To Help Him Stay Sober

Dylan Ruff aka (Dylan North) Born and Raised in Chicago, IL but now lives in Nashville, TN. An upcoming artist under the name Dylan North uses the power of writing lyrics to help him keep sobriety. Dylan started battling with addiction when he turned 21. He has been in and out of rehabs but when he started writing lyrics he said he felt like something clicked with him, it was like he took power in the fact of he can talk about using drugs and how detrimental using drugs is but not actually using them. Dylan North is a huge fan of Juice WRLD and his lyrics. Dylan North said “it’s like me and Juice WRLD were living similar lives and are using lyrics to cope with the pain we have due to our drug use”

Check Dylan North out on Instagram:

John David Lee – UK Songwriter

My Name is John David Lees. I live in a small seaside town on the South West coast of Scotland in the UK. I am singer/Songwriter who produces also. When conceptualising my songs I tend to create the track, layering in a mix of guitar, synths, drums, samples and then write the lyrics and record the vocals. All my songs are recorded in my home studio. I have only been recording my own music since the start of the first stages of the covid pandemic and only started releasing my tracks in April of 2021. All my songs can be found on all major streaming services on this link:

I also have a Facebook page dedicated to my music, where I also share other independent artists tracks and posts.

South African Based Christian Artist

Check Out Ignite!!

My name is Carol-anne I am from Cape Town, South Africa and I sign my work under the artist name IGNITE. I find inspiration in many places and have traveled to Durban, Namibia and Johannesburg which has influenced my creative style and process. I create art because I want to share with other people. I specialize in writing vocals with my three octave voice range and I focus on Christian contemporary radio. I love doing gigs and recording, as well as, creating music videos for my new releases. My art style is Jazz/Rock with some flavoring of pop music. I am motivated by my producer in Georgia where we co-write and my fans! They keep me going especially when they come along on the journey with me. I’ve been singing from the time I was 8 years old and not too much later I wrote my first song at 11 years old. My favorite artists are Lauren Daigle and Tanita Tikaram. Lauren has nice jazzy vocals and Tanita Tikaram has darker, timber vocals. Just about the same as my range! I connect with the art community by Offering my availability for session work, playing at festivals, weddings and restaurants. I also have led many worship teams. My video “Set Our Hearts On Fire” is featured on and write away magazine My work has shown at different events around Cape Town, on YouTube, Glacer FM global radio station, College underground global radio on their country/rock blog,, CUFM Global and ModiFM also kenzieg music streamed from Chicago, also featured on Rising Star FM. Overall when people see my work, I hope they will be touched emotionally, as I write and sing from an emotional place.


Just released 3 new tracks with lyric videos

Artist of focus on ModiFM Featured artist on CUFM

Ignite music added to Prometheus Global Media platform

Set Our Hearts On Fire Top 10 Glacer FM music charts for 11 consecutive weeks

Awakening Top 5 Glacer FM Global music charts for 8 weeks still charting Top placement on radio placed on band central playlist alongside Hillsong and Casting Crowns


Radio Airplay

Global ModiFM Glacer

FM Global Rising

Star FM KSAS radio

CUFM Global

Featured artist for Rising Star FM

Set Our Hearts On Fire video featured on Glacer FM

Concert Save The Vlei Concert – to be televised

Magazine Write Away August issue (featured)

Website (featured)

Podcast Kenzie G music Chicago (featured)

Milwaukee Rapper CEO Youngen

Christopher wright aka( Ceo Youngen) was born and raised in Milwaukee,WI December 9,1987. A upcoming artist putting in foot work for 14 years doing music and still thriving. Starting to take it serious about 4 years ago now has developed him & is now the CEO of his own record label,(LeaderBoyz Ent). His passion for music made Youngen want more for his music career that he loves so much. Being the Youngest of 5 raised by a independent mother helped him to grow up wanting to be a father figure. He is family orientated,motivating and wants to help people get ahead. Being very versatile in music starting with rapping followed by the passion of wanting to sing led into his style of rap singing creating a new genre. Bringing it to life by considering real life experiences through music in his own words. Youngen stated,”Music is life and performing is like leaving this earth”. Mostly influenced by RnB “passionate music” as he would say.

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