16 yr Old Singer/Producer “Yung Bucket”

Yung Bucket is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer from Oakdale, California. At 16 years old, this versatile artist has been producing music for 4 years and has been releasing music under the name Yung Bucket since early 2021. The artist’s primary goal is to spread vibes through his music and to share his experiences with the world. If you wish to listen to him please use any of the links below! 

Instagram: https://instagram/com/iamyungbucket

YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/YungBucket

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6bf95rgHR8lgRU874aNTl2

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/iamyungbucket

How is an Artist Moving like this with no Music Video?

Looks like we have a new artist uprising this year from the Bronx name Tru Frass. Only starting his music career at the December of 2021 to dropping his first EP August 5th called “Tru Warrior”. Featuring other Bronx rappers such as Scrapy Tonaa, TillBeats, Bighomiekayden, and his cousin who is a twin rapper named Holy B. Working endlessly in the studio all week as a strong team “Tru Warrior” was born. With Whoa being their top song in the EP seen on Apple Music produced and engineered by TillBeats along with another 3 tracks on the EP.  We are hearing around Tru Frass has a notable feature that will be coming up soon. WHO you think will be on it? Guess we will have to wait. Until then go stream Tru Warrior out now on All Platforms plus he has many more songs. Check out the links below! 


Electronic Music Producer “Zachary Kyle”

Zachary Kyle is a new-style progressive electronic music producer living in northwest Canada who is currently focused on blending the boundaries between melodic harmonies and intense industrial sounds. Influenced by everything from early punk to modern jazz he has created a unique soundscape for himself among the backdrop of the ever changing electronic music scene.

With over 20 years experience in making music he is now ready to drop his long anticipated debut album, and follow up what he got started with his “Sonitus Mutatio EP”.

Rock n Roll Artist “Taxajermy”

Taxajermy was created to show that writing lyrics provides the meaning, where music provides the emotion. Each song has been hand crafted to ensure maximum impact and flavor 🤪There are two people involved in this project, Jeramie Beaver-lyrics, singer, song structure, humor Lino Alessio-all instruments and he’s crazy good, recording, mixing and mastering, plus he brings multiple ideas for garnishment.To sum it up he’s my Jerry Mcguire.     My ultimate goal is to record over 100 songs in the next 3 yrs, which will give me a bigger library then the rolling stones…no big deal


Florida Artist “Johnny S”

I grew up in the Virgin Islands, but I’m living in Florida now. I’ve been writing songs for over 10 years at this point. I have some previous releases but I felt it was time I start taking this seriously so I just released a new project called REFLECTIONS. It’s my most honest work yet and I just want to share my music with the world and give it the audience it deserves. 
On my new project I tried to write about the ups and downs of the human experience. Well, my human experience at least. I’m infatuated with the complexities of the mind and the way emotions affect who we are and how we react to certain things, decisions we make. It’s a diary of sorts, but I wanted it to be relatable. In some way, hopefully, to everyone. 
Follow me on spotify:


IG: @johnnysvi

Find my new album REFLECTIONS on all platforms here: https://rb.gy/jguh3n

Versatile Hip Hop Artist “T.B.H.”

  T.B.H. (ToBeHonest) – The Cambridge Massachusetts born artist brings us a unique set of styles ranging from genre defying rap music to smooth R&B flows. When he was eight years old he recorded his first own original song called “The three T’s”. The versatile Hip-Hop artist is also an award winning illustrator who aim’s to combine his passion for visual art with his love for creating music and Hip-Hop culture.

Trance Futurepop Artist “CHRONO 87”

CHRONO 87 is a trance and futurepop artist from England. He has been writing and releasing music for 2 years but only formed CHRONO 87 in early 2022 after the lockdown had ended.

His influences range from Assemblage 23, Chicane, ATB, Faithless to name but a few.

He has just released the 2nd single in collaboration with best friend and local singer / songwriter Pippin Henderson and it is called ICARUS.
ICARUS is about never giving up on your dreams even when everybody else doubts you.


INSTA: @chrono87music