Canadian Hip Hp Artist “Kurst”

Kurst is a Canadian based hip hop artist who released his debut single “No Remorse” on October 28, 2022. Kurst delivers an authentic, confident, passionate, versatile and original sound .

So WHO is Kurst? Kurst, an acronym for King Under Really Stressful Times, is an artist who tells a story with their music. Somebody who is confident in who they are and authentic with the things he says. 

I speak about many societal issues in my music. Topics such as growing up with a single mother, being a father/parenting, working a job you don’t like to make ends meet, breakups/toxic relationships, friends betraying you, substance abuse, failure, determination, etc. In our society, these things are so common so I feel that my work can bring these issues to light. The goal is to help whoever is dealing with whatever the issue is, feel a sense that “you know what, maybe I’m not the only one going through this”.

As far as my musical influences, I grew up on Eminem. That’s what got me into writing. The idea that somebody could turn music into a personal journal or diary, tell stories and make it fun and exciting. That’s what made me want to tell my story with my music.

 Lil Wayne was another big one, the cleverness of his wordplay and the way he just had fun with it. Drake is a huge influence as well, the way he combines singing and rapping, and get his point across in such a simple way let me know it doesn’t have to be too complicated, not to mention he’s Canadian. Since then, I’ve become a huge Jack Harlow fan, I just love how smooth his music sounds and the feelings you get when you’re listening to it. Other influences include Joyner Lucas, NF, Tory Lanez, and Merkules.

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