CCD Chase

Christopher Thomas, popularly known as CCD Chase, is a skilled musician and a talented rap artist from Richmond, VA. He began his musical journey 7 years ago rapping under the stage name MBT Chase, before stepping back into the industry in 2020 with sheer dedication and agility. Anchored upon his passion for music, CCD Chase has built a name for himself with an original sound, leveraging his real life feelings to make music vibes in a way that is relatable and motivating to his fans. Rapping has always been Chase’s forte, and those around him have always believed he would make it. Chase is currently promoting a project he released on January 2021, “Nailed To The Trap”, which was the very first project he ever put his heart into. Following in the footsteps of renowned industry professionals like Rod Wave, Future, and Kevin Gates among others, CCD Chase is consistently striving for success, and has created his own brand “Consistent Cash Dream” (CCD CHASE) independently. Moving forward, the tenacious industry professional plans to start his own label where he will sign hard working independent artists. As if that is not enough success for a young rap enthusiast like himself, Chase is also planning to release a new single “New Day, New Pay” a 6k Visual Full of Energy and On top of that “Look at me Now” Single release date is November 4 2022 hopes that his fans will enjoy it.

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