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My name is Jason Moench. I am from Hamilton, New Jersey, and I am very new to the world of music. Publishing it especially. I have been exposed to all different genres of music. I thank my, parents, grandparents, and my friends. The reason I started to publish music really wasn’t just that I like how it sounds, after I complete a track. It’s more about anyone who is listening. The type of music I publish is uplifting and happy. It puts you in a really chill and happy vibe. We have a lot of darkness in this world, and if I can shine some light in this world that’s the best feeling. I was adopted from Ukraine and knowing how differently my life could have been, I think about what legacy I can leave behind. I want to know what footprint I leave on this earth. I want to make an impact in others’ lives, and if it could be making awesome beats, that would be the dream.–zwyoaXrBHcdG_w/featured

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