DaiDai started writing music when she was thirteen years old. Writing started out as a hobby for her, she would write in notebooks, journals, tablets, notepads, electronic devices, and whatever she could utilize as a pen and a pad. DaiDai LOVED music as a child. She had many artists and sounds that she favored. DaiDai began her career with another local artist as a duo called Legion, for a short period of time. DaiDai’s style of music differs because, at times its two genres clashing together. She’s redefining music in her own way. She’s telling stories, dropping knowledge, and giving advice but in a way that’s going to catch all age groups attention. She favored artists like: Michael Jackson, QUEEN, Lenny Kravitz, Missy Elliott, and so many more. DaiDai wrote and composed the single LIFE. In this piece there are piano ballads and guitar solos. The message behind the song is about Mental Health. This is a personal song that she felt needed to be shared because Mental Health isn’t talked about a lot and we lose children, parents, siblings, and friends behind this topic. DaiDai struggles with some depression along with other issues as well as she’s had friends that have took their lies due to similar issues. This piece will shine the light on Mental Health Awareness that it deserves.

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