My name is David. Honestly I always wanted to do music or something music related. But time ebbed along and I had all but given up on my dreams of music. I was ready to settle down into a normal life, and even marriage, until tragedy came along and I was left single without my boyfriend of nearly 4 years. So now… Music is my therapy. It’s why I create. And I really want people to appreciate my art as much as me but I can only ask you to listen, I can’t make you. Currently all but one of my tracks are self produced and most are written by me except for a few covers I got up on my media. Right now, I’m not allowing myself to be tied to one specific genre, if the music is good and it moves me I’m seeing what lyrics are gonna fit best and I’m going from there. Check me on SoundCloud, YouTube, IG, or TikTok: davidcantsingĀ 

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