Delaware Rapper/Producer Khronic

Meet Khronic, an independent rapper and producer from Delaware, currently living in Wisconsin. Being born in the mid-90’s and growing up in the 2000’s, Khronic was immersed in the culture of hip-hop as the old guard faded and the primordial Mecca of the game shifted from the north east, to the south. He gained inspiration from artists like Big L, Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne, Master P, Drake, Just Blaze, and many others. Rapping at a high level has always motivated Khronic, as such he used to go to parties and events searching for emcees to battle. Around 2016 he started learning how to make beats. So became his alter-ego, Darth Lukas. Ever since, the two-headed monster that is Khronic and Darth Lukas has been sharpening his sword and polishing his armor. In 2021 the prodigal son formed his own production company and label, ‘Shogun Muzik’. With his latest single, ‘Sleep’ he taps in to next level rhyme schemes while speaking on a topic everyone can relate to, giving you insight as to how a mad scientist’s brain works. Be sure to check it out on all streaming platforms and at!

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