DMV Artist DerrD is next up!!

Words from Derr D

Im a new artist from the dmv area (Maryland)and I’ve been making music for about a year and a half or so now. I go by the name DerrD(dirty), thats been a life long nickname of mines since about 2005 or 2006. And because of that, I’ve decided to go with it for my artist name. I’ve always been a lover of music of all types, as longs as it sounds good to my ears, the genre never mattered. I’ve always been a fan of live instruments and live music, being that one whole side of my family are all from D.C., and GO-GO being a big genre in the area, the love for live music and instruments is just in my blood. But I’ve always loved music from the south as well, specifically Louisiana. Thats where the other half of my family is from and almost all of my favorite rappers when i was growing up, where usually from there as well. I never thought of being a rapper or even making songs, while growing up , but around 2016, a friend introduced me to fl studio. He use to make beats, and showed me how to use the software. Thats was my very first introduction to anything like that. So i messed around making beats for a little and eventually stopped. Until about a year and a half ago, one day i decided i wanted to pursue making beats, seriously this time. Another friend (Taednn) wanted to help me out since no one would rap on my beats. He would come over and we would record, (just him at the time) so i can hear what someone would sound like on my beats and i can learn. We did that every single day for months, he was taking it more seriously and so was i, although over those months i stopped making the beats and wanted to learn how to become a better engineer. Well one day, he’s recording a song as usual, but this time he is going to put the song out. After he records, we play the song back, i start mixing, and as im mixing im also singing his lyrics verrrrrryyyyy quietly (im a introvert), but he hears and asked “ aye what was that effect you just put on the mix?” And mimic what he heard and i responded “ oh, that was me…” he then says “ aye put these headphones on and do that in the mic, so you can hear how cool that sounded “. So i did, step to the mic and did it over again… but while my back was turned, he pressed record lol. I ended up liking how it sounded and been making music ever since.

And now have a mixtape out “ NOT SO MUTED” on all platforms

Just a humble, social introvert, trying to get heard.

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