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Hello my name is Ben and I’m writing a book. It’s a modern day crime mystery with a sci-fi twist all taking place within the limits of Suicide City. In Suicide City, crime and corruption run rampant througout the streets. Murder and suicide are commonplace here. But that’s not even close to the real problem that plagues this place.

In Suicide city, for unknown reasons, no one has died for 50 years. People have gotten hurt, injured, and real sick, but not one person has actually stopped living. As a result, people have checked out. Some have gone so far as to join a cult that is obssessed with finding a way to die. There’s no heroes left in this city, super or otherwise, that can stop their path to power. The Police can barely keep themselves from falling apart at the seams and are on the brink of letting this place fall into total chaos. Enter our protagonist.

Detective Jeff McDanswald is a former police officer turned private investigator. He’s proudly thwarted the Cult at every turn so far in his long life of 62 years. But sadly he is due for retirement. That is until he got a call for one last case.

In this city where no one has died for 50 years, suddenly someone actually has. Now McDanswald is on the case to unravel a mystery surrounding the first successful suicide in this godforsaken city. Hopefully, the Cult won’t get their long awaited revenge and finally take control of the it.

Find out this and more every Saturday and Sunday at 1pm Eastern Standard on There we will be reading/writing/editing live as you experience the writer’s process. Feel free to ask questions and join in other fun stuff during the stream! I look forward to this journey into the dark world of “Suicide City: The City that Never Dies.”

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