“Hg3” Releases New Single

“This music attracts attention already by its tone. The artist correctly embodies every phrasing that comes out of his
mouth just with the tone of his voice” – Globals Hits
“The flow of the artist is so unique and special” – Specific Music
“The beautiful melody, good rhythm and great artist’s tone of voice, has created a dreamy mood in the track which
is awesome” – Indie R&B and Rap
14 May 2022 (COLUMBIA, SC) – Hg3 released his single “Take A Break”, one of his most recent songs.
Stream/download “Take A Break” Here
This Song “Take A Break” was written by Hg3 and the producer that made the beat was Prod.byvovo, the
idea behind the song is about how people be stressing so much about what is going on in their life,
including bills, family problems, fake friends, haters, and anything that’s making your life harder than it
should be. The song is saying sometimes you just need to take a break and have fun, live your life to the
fullest, Hg3 has turned all of that into a unique and lit vibe that you are able to listen to and relax.
The artist has a great flow and song structure in the song that makes you want to listen to it more and
more too just enjoy all of the flow switches and just imagining everything he is talking about in the song.
Hg3 has also confirmed that he is in the process of making a music video to the song before August
comes, so we cannot wait to see what kind of visuals he has in store for the song. He also has an EP
coming out on August 2 called “Anti Social” which will feature 6 songs, plus a deluxe to the EP, which
will be coming out in October.
Hg3 was born and raised in Columbia, SC being the oldest of three siblings. He started rapping at the age
of 13, he stated, “I only started rapping because me and my homeboy Nick was just freestyling and joking
around when Nick told me I wasn’t bad and should start rapping for real”. So from there Hg3 was created
which comes from his name Harold Goethe III, he wanted to keep it real and simple just like his music.
He took some time to find his sound, and what kind of music he wants to make. Starting in 2021, he
figured out the kind of music he wants to make and his sound, which is why flow is so unique. Hg3 is
also a full time fire fighter which is awesome he says, “I used to play with fire, but now I put out fire”,
speaking on his job and his music.
If you would like to contact Hg3 you can email him at hg3official@gmail.com
This is a link to his Social Media accounts https://linktr.ee/TheOfficialHg3

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