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Lets Grow Together

Build you brand, master you craft and grow as an artist with the Crock Pot Cartel community. This is a community by independent artists for independent artists dedicated to helping each other grow. We meet up 5 nights a week on our Official Youtube Livestream to help motivate and build each other up with positive feedback, constructive criticism, and advice and direction.

Supportive Community

Unlock your full potential and elevate your performance to the next level in a highly engaged and supportive environment. We’ll motivate you to be a better artist. We are more then friends, we are family.

More Then a Review Show

Regardless where you are on your musical journey, we will treat you with respect. This is a positive vibes only atmosphere and we take pride in helping artists grow through motivation and direction.

More About Bobby and The Show

My name is Bobby Everything and I started the Crock Pot Cartel. The first episode of Crock Pot Cartel streamed on April 21st of 2021. I started the show because I love music and I am passionate about helping artists. I started it as a hobby to keep my self busy on the weeknights, but it has quickly transformed into more then that.

On November 9th of 2020 I was released from prison and made the choice to move to Dayton and enroll into treatment for substance abuse. It was my 4th time being released from prison and I could no longer live that lifestyle. For the first time in my life, I asked for help. It was the best decision I ever made. Everything about my life began to get better. I have been attending treatment and staying in sober living since Nov 24th. I started the review show from my sober living house, using a simple laptop I received from my life coach.

I am here to tell you that it is never too late to change. It is never too late to chase your dreams and as long as you still have air in your lungs, you still have a chance to turn it all around . I lost my wife in 2014 to an overdose and I hope to one day use this platform to raise awareness about the opiate crisis in my area.

How To Support The Crock Pot Cartel

We operate strictly off donations, music sales and our merch store. If you are interested in donating to our cause or purchasing my collection of music, we accept: Venmo, CashApp and PayPal. My collection of music is $50 and includes 65 unreleased songs I have recorded over the span of 15 years. Make a payment and include your contact info in the notes and your order will be fulfilled in a timely manner. Click Here or look below to check out our merch store. Thanks you to everyone who supports the Crock Pot Cartel.

CashApp: $crockpotcartel

Venmo: @crockpotcartel

PayPal: crockpotcartel@gmail.com