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Many artists, bands and musicians are taking to Instagram as a way to increase their followers. This is a great idea because within the last year, the app has grown from 100 million monthly active users to more than 150 million! In this blog post, we will discuss how you can get more people to listen to your music by getting them on Instagram.

Tips to Get More People on Instagram:

There are a few tips that we will provide for artists, bands and musicians who want to get more people following them. The first is quality content. You must post your music or at least one photo related to it if you don’t have any other types of posts. Then all the photos should be high quality.


Use hashtags to target your audience. #music #band #singersongwriter are popular tags for musicians.

Make sure you interact with other people on Instagram! Join groups, follow hashtags and comment on posts to get noticed by others. Try joining some music-related groups or just searching the tag until you find one that feels right for your audience.


Collaborate with other creators with similar size audiences. You probably have fans in common, so it would be great to collaborate together. Try creating a post about the cross-promotion and mentioning each other’s profiles using hashtags!


Post at least once per day on your Instagram account. – Hashtag relevant posts with #music #band or any other related tags that are relevant your band.


USe IG REELS to get in front of a bigger audience. IG Reels will put your content in front of people who dont already follow your account. They are a great way to help you get new fans.

If you have a website, try posting the link to your site in some posts.

– Try creating music videos and post them on Youtube with links to your Instagram or Soundcloud accounts. This will help get fans from other platforms like Facebook since it is easier for people to watch/listen than read (most of the time).

– Give Instagram shoutouts to other accounts. You can use service sites like igshout for this or you could give a shoutout yourself if you’re friends with another artist.

– Engage your fans by liking and commenting on their photos/posts!

– Follow back anyone who follows you, even if they are not following many account.

-Its very important to engage with your fans .

-Don’t post too often, but don’t go so long between posts that people forget about you. A good amount is once a day or every other day. People will unfollow if they feel like your account isn’t relevant to them anymore and you could lose potential fans by not posting enough!

-If someone asks for a shout out, shout them out!

-Only post quality photos and videos.

-Don’t just stick to your music! You can post about anything but make sure its still relevant to what you do (i.e if you’re a band, don’t only post pictures of food).

-Create videos to show people what you’re about, not just for your music but in general! People want to get an idea of who YOU are as a person not just view your music. If you create the content, the people will consume it .

There are so many hashtags you can use, so make sure you do your research.

Make sure you’re using relevant tags and not just hashtags because they look good. Research the top instagram accounts in your niche too to see how they use their hashtags, as that will help give you an idea about what kind of content people like.

-Don’t forget to use emojis!

Emojis are important because it draws attention to your captions.

-Lastly, make sure you’re posting on a consistent schedule.

Follow these tips and you will be sure to grow your following on Instagram. Don’t forget to post to your stories multiple times a day!!

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