How to Get 1000 Fans

How to get 1000 fans

A lot of people say that all you need is 1000 real fans to have a successful music career. I know it can feel impossible when you are first starting out, but getting those first few super fans can play a crucial role in building the momentum.

There are all kinds of ways to get more fans for your music but it is ultimately going to come down to being committed in finding the right mixture of tactics that work best from your music strategy. 

Listed below are some essentials that can get you started on the journey of getting 1000 fans. 

1.Know Your Brand Identity

Knowing who you are as a brand and an artist is so important. Everything you do will impact your brand. How you present yourself, what you stand for, how you communicate with your fans etc.

You have to take the time to discover what is truly unique about you and your story and craft a message that presents your brand identity to the public. 

2. Engage With Your Fans

You have to engage with your fans as much as possible if you want to maintain and grow your following. It requires a lot of effort on your part to keep them aware, develop relationships, and ultimately turn them into superfans. The Superfan relationships are important because they are going to be the ones to help you promote and support your career long-term.

3.Be Consistent

The only way to break through the noise and hold the attention of the fans you are targeting is to be consistent across all platforms. Whether it’s social media, new releases, newsletters etc. Make sure you give your fans something to look forward to and expect on a regular basis.

4.Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a tool you can use to make it easier for music fans to discover you. Use trending hashtags to connect with new audiences and find topics of conversation that are relevant to you and your music. You can find trending hashtags on Instagram, Twitter, Google Trends etc. 

5.Do a Giveaway

Everyone loves getting stuff for free. You can offer a download of an exclusive track in exchange for email address, a like or a follow etc. You can incentivize your existing fans to get them to help you promote your giveaway. Some of the best marketing on earth is word-of-mouth.

6.Take Advantage of Streaming Platforms

Getting featured on a Spotify playlist can be more effective at creating buzz for your music then getting covered by a popular blog. Most fans discover new music by curated playlists. By using the right pitch and timing, you can land a playlist feature. 

7. Post Cover Videos

Posting cover videos will improve your chances of appearing higher in search results and will make you accessible to new audiences. Create cover songs and put your own style and twist on them. Bring your character and keep it fresh. Cover songs are a great way to get discovered. 

8.Play Charity Events

It is always a win-win to perform at a charity event. You get to give back to the community, support a cause that you care about and get exposed to a new audience. This type of partnership provides cross promotion for both parties involved, while raising awareness for an important issue. You can also use virtual live stream to reach a wider audience online

9.Play Private Events

Private events are a good way to get more fans for your music. Tap into your network and surely someone you know has an upcoming wedding, party or corporate event that could be made better with live or virtual music. There are also many online services and tools you can use to find these types of events.

10.Partner with Local Bands and Brands

Partnering with local companies and local musicians allows you to leverage each other‘s audiences. You can trade slots on upcoming shows with a band that has a similar audience as yours. You could also collaborate on a song for a cover video. Try reaching out to local visual artists to create cool unique band merch items and in return you can help promote their work at your shows and on your social media platforms.

11.Build Relationships with Influencers

Relationships are everything in the music industry. One post or tweet from an influencer with a big following could be the thing that helps your career take off. Go to networking events, conferences, or local industry meet ups to meet new people. You can also look into online communities and Facebook groups to build up your network. There are also websites that link brands with influencers. Look into

12.Experiment with Facebook and Instagram Ads

With a little bit of research and knowledge you can run Facebook ads and reach new music fans very inexpensively and effectively. The same goes for Instagram ads. Look up a crash course on how to run them and experiment with a small budget. Analyze your results and make changes that will benefit your campaigns. For more information on how to run Facebook ads and Instagram ads send me an email.

13.Run PR Campaigns for Newsworthy Events

Every time you release a song you should do a press campaign. Even if you are doing it yourself, a small amount of coverage is better than none. Build a media list of contacts you can send your press release out to every time you have something newsworthy to announce. Of course when you start gaining a lot of traction you will want to consider hiring a professional music publicist to manage your PR campaigns.

14.Use Marketing Tools offers a lot of marketing tools that can be valuable to any artist. You can use this platform to set up pre-save campaigns for Spotify, premiere new music videos on YouTube, build your email list, and even more. There is a free subscription that you can start with and do basic campaigns or analytics but it is wise to upgrade to the paid membership to take full advantage of all the features.

15.Stay up-to-date on New Social Media Platforms

It is important to keep up with the latest trends in music discovery. If you can spot the rise of a new platform and get in early before every other musician jumps on board, you will reap the benefits. Think of TikTok for example. It has broke so many artists since it’s release and it will break many more. Stay up-to-date on social media platforms.

16.Create Great Music

When it comes down to it the music is what’s going to really help you build a true fan base. Focus nonstop on improving your song writing and live performances. If you are really doing something unique and amazing your target audience will find you and become super fans and help you promote your brand.

I hope all of you can use some of this information on your journey. I love yall. Do something nice for someone today and create something epic. Tune in to the LIVESTREAM every Monday -Friday at 7pm Eastern Standard Time on

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