Mass. Rapper 7evvy using music to spread his message

Whats up my name is 7evvy. I’m from a small town in Massachusetts. I’ve been making music for 9 years – rapping for 9 and producing for 7. I’ve always produced my own music myself, but over the last year and a half I reinvented myself as an artist. Because of this I’ve been shopping for beats and focusing on writing instead of producing every beat myself. I still make beats, just not like I used to. I make music to help people struggling with mental health issues, especially depression and anxiety.

Over the last year I was hospitalized twice and was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. While I was in there I had time to really think about what I wanted to do with my life especially my music and how to use my curse as a blessing. I was able to write three songs that would later be on my first EP “Mania” which dropped in 2021. Since then I’ve linked up with my main producer morbid! who produced every track on my latest EP “Harvest”. I am currently working on my next album which will have features from Lil Raven, Lil Zeth, and more.

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