Michigan Songwriter “Nikey Joe”

I am a Michigan songwriter, mainly ft. on TikTok, who happens to sing a little bit. I have been writing most of my life, I can hear words in beats and lyrics in everything. I am fairly new to actually putting my music out there on my own. I know that Music will change the world, that sound can heal on all levels, and music can make you feel things that allow you to rise above your ego. So I’m gonna keep pushing my lyrics, touching one life at a time until I can change the world collectively into a love consciousness. It may sound crazy- but as crazy as it sounds I know I can heal this world; so that’s what I’m going to do and that’s why I write every day. 

This is a 15 second clip of a song I wrote called forgive, it’s about self-forgiveness and self love- to break the spiral cycle that you go in when you refuse to integrate your shadows and let go of the conditioning that’s compressing you. This is unedited, recording on my cell phone, no beat just raw A-cappella. I did go to school for radio video broadcasting, I just need to finish my studio. 

IG: Nikey_Joe_Music

TikTok: nik_key_joe

YouTube: Nikey Joe

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