Milwaukee Rapper CEO Youngen

Christopher wright aka( Ceo Youngen) was born and raised in Milwaukee,WI December 9,1987. A upcoming artist putting in foot work for 14 years doing music and still thriving. Starting to take it serious about 4 years ago now has developed him & is now the CEO of his own record label,(LeaderBoyz Ent). His passion for music made Youngen want more for his music career that he loves so much. Being the Youngest of 5 raised by a independent mother helped him to grow up wanting to be a father figure. He is family orientated,motivating and wants to help people get ahead. Being very versatile in music starting with rapping followed by the passion of wanting to sing led into his style of rap singing creating a new genre. Bringing it to life by considering real life experiences through music in his own words. Youngen stated,”Music is life and performing is like leaving this earth”. Mostly influenced by RnB “passionate music” as he would say.

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