Mr. GititRegardles aka Str8NoChase

The unofficial super-villain of Elmira, NY. Resident Diesel semi-GAWD; Hostile, Mr. GititRegardles aka Str8NoChase. The missing link between the street and the beat. The lyrical sherpa tour guide for the vibe. The mic-controller. The MaryJane chain-smoker, the flame thrower, the torch-bearer reppin the SICK-0-s7vn (607). Like a medium on a different frequency; I’m channeling that Rick James/Fat Cat & Pappy energy. This that New York “cop-dat-chop-dat-rock-music”. That “spin-the-block w/ the choppa” screamin fuck the opps type music. That dat butt-naked, bag it-flip-it, big titty ski-mask misfit vibe. Straight “Plug-Talk”. This for all the Pyrex Bobby Flays & Stove-Top Gordon Ramseys who stay cheffin on those krooked kornaz in Hell’s Kitchen. Bop w/ me. Sepatown my dillies. Sah da tay. 

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