Multi-Genre Producer “Alt-Z”

What started out as simple loops and break beats as a high school side hustle – burning CD’s for classmates and friends – has developed into something more passionate.

Using unconventional recording methods and taking a minimalist approach to electronic music, Alt-Z presents a unique voice influenced by the past greats of the electronic music genre. Alt-Z aka Matthew Waltz is an independent artist straight outta Eugene, Oregon.

His music spans multiple genres across electronic music. After being gifted a guitar for his birthday, musical aspirations took off from there.

Alt-Z has been referred to as having multi-genre styles, that in his own words, are kind of hard to categorize – from electronic dance to electronic rock to the more eclectic and experimental in sound and scope, often infusing different things together to make a cohesive unit. He is influenced to some degree by such musical groups as – New Order, Fatboy Slim, Nine Inch Nails, The Crystal Method, The Chemical Brothers, Moby and Dirty Vegas, to name a few. Matthew Waltz draws from his own struggles with depression and anxiety in the hopes of making something great.

When Alt-Z aka Matthew Waltz was younger his uncle introduced him to vinyl records of which he often listened to, and took notes. At that time Matthew’s uncle was a local disc jockey for the Eugene KDUK radio station, so having access to that much music opened the door for the love of producing music one day.

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