New Artist Phillip Enkey

Phillip Enkey was born and raised in a small town on the coast of North Carolina called Havelock. He was one of five young boys when his mother passed away in a tragic car accident. His father remarried a woman who had a daughter of her own and adopted Phillip and his brothers. Together they had two more daughters. Growing up in a large family of ten wasn’t always easy. Phillip relied on music as a way to cope with the loss of his mother and the formation of his new family. Phillip found love young, meeting his future wife at 14 yrs old, they dated exclusively through highschool until Phillip eventually left on a two year mission for his church at the age of 19. His highschool sweetheart, Danielle, wrote him every week and they married when he returned home. Much of his music is from falling in love as a teenager and getting through the pains of loss, depression and addiction with the help of his young love Danielle and his faith. After being married with four kids Phillip later learned that his deceased mother had given away a baby for adoption when she was 16, Phillip was united with a sister he never knew he had! Later his older brother William Enkey would come home after serving two tours in Afghanistan with wounds only soldiers can understand. This inspired Phillip to join the Army and say goodbye to his wife and four young children for 6 months to do so. Music from Phillip Enkey is born from love, inspiration needed in painful times and a reseliant spirit that has carried him through high highs and very low lows. His music is known for its positive upbeat and catchy romantic flavor. Anyone looking to add a catchy uplifting vibe to their day should start by listening to music born from the unique and inspiring life and story of Phillip Enkey.

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