New Rapper Jayeman

Jayeman is a rapper and hip-hop musician based with several years of experience. Yet, he tries to be different by remaining loyal to his unique style, which he developed over the years through hard work. Jayeman was born and raised in Anderson Indiana where he discovered his love for Hip-Hop during his freshman year in highschool. Jayeman is not new to the music scene at all. The underground artist picked interest in rap music from a very young age, writing lyrics and performing to his friends in high school. However, he didn’t start making music professionally until he was 18 years of age. From then on, he has remained unstoppable, dishing out quality music that has captivated fans worldwide.
When almost every artist sounds the same because they want to play along, Jayeman has remained committed to his unique style of music and performance. The rapper works very hard to produce great music that fans would be proud of. His ambition now is to put his local community on the map with his music by gaining more popularity and attracting music lovers and fans worldwide to listen to his songs.

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