New York Artist “Sleepyiki”

Hello to all you beautiful souls ~ My name is Jeremiah Smith and my artist name is “Sleepyiki”. I was born on September 14th, 1997 and am from Long Island (Hempstead), NY. I’ve been playing saxophone since I was in grade 3 and have been using FL Studio for over 10 years. I wanted to start sharing some of the projects I created with the world to hopefully touch them in
different ways and give them different vibes to listen to. I started releasing music in the beginning of 2019. My favorite genres of music are Hip Hop / Rap, EDM, and Reggae. Recently, I started going to a studio with a group of friends and it has definitely changed the quality of my
music and been a learning experience (even though doing everything solo was a learning experience as well). I plan to drop my first studio album this year (2022) hopefully around March / April. Stay tuned and vibe out to the tunes that I have dropped and will continue to drop, much
love ~
Here is “RAGYR (Feat. P. Emery) available on Spotify and other streaming platforms:

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