New Zealand Artist “SmoogLord”

Hi the Name’s Storm Ross, Im also known as Smooglord. I was born in Durban, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa and moved to New Zealand With my Dad and my Sister when I was 11 years old, I turn 29 at the end of this year. I have always loved music, ever since i was young and always loved singing. Joined a rap crew when I was 16. I recorded my first EP (Smooglord) in 2019, I named that after my rap name. I have some new music out now on Spotify, Apple Music, and heaps more. Don’t forget to check out my youtube channel SmoogTV where I post Vlogs, play guitar which im still learning and progressing as an artist. Things have been hard but I’ve been pulling through and excited for my journey ahead and have a lot more content coming and can’t wait for what the future holds. Thank you so much Bobby Everything for your reviews and I will definitely be sending more in. I also would like to thank the people on the live chat for the ratings on my songs. BTW my accent is a mix of NZ and South African.

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