Torn between two homes, ONETEE found balance in the middle ground of music. It surrounded him and he soaked it in. Everything from Kendrick Lamar to Panic! At The Disco; Linkin Park to Mac Miller; Michael Jackson to Nirvana; Three 6 Mafia to Juice WRLD; XXXtentacion to MGK. It all made him actually FEEL something besides the chaos of being stuck between an undereducated father’s house and a bipolar mother’s house.The one thing they did have down though was their obsession with playing music around him. The energy he got from being raised in that near constant transit and rhythm had the most profound effect upon him; the music was like a soundtrack for it all. It gave him a home, a place to go in his head when it wasn’t looking so bright on the outside. This experience had the force of a fire that would eventually forge him and empower him. It gave him the strength, and the courage and the will/determination to be kind in the face of fear, to choose peace over war and to make art that touches the souls of millions (hopefully) instead of soulless pursuits that benefit only one. He sits alone at night and wonders if all the problems in the world like climate change, hate crimes, and war will ever get figuratively “better” but he knows if he continues to sit there and only wonder that they most definitely won’t. Ever since his friend died (right before X and Mac did in 2018) he has dedicated himself to showing up more for himself, standing up more for what is right (loyalty, compassion, fairness), and making as much music for him and his friends as humanly possible. As such he’s put almost as many of them on his album “I REALLY NEED THIS TO BE A BIG YR 4 ME” (out Jan 2023) as there are tracks (of which there are 51 approximately; he says this number is always fluctuating). “There’s something in there for every stop of this road we call life”-ONETEE

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