Shayla K: Singer/Songwriter and more..

Shayla K is a passionate  Film Director, Editor and Soulful Singer-songwriter from Des Moines, IA  whose artistry in sound moves seamlessly between country, pop, rock, and R&B. Her fiery spirit and personality resonate through her music and film resulting in memorable, catchy, inspiring, honest, and a universal body of work.

 Shayla K. began writing poetry at the young age of six. Writing songs with her violin by eight, her mother recognized her extraordinary talent and love of music and encouraged her to record her first song in the studio. With this experience, Shayla’s passion and love for songwriting took flight. By age 19, she relocated to Atlanta in Georgia to seriously pursue her career where she started working with and being recognized by major names such as Teddy Riley, Dallas Austin, Storm Reid, Cardi B. Walt Disney Studios and more….


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