Toronto Based Singer “Aishvan”

“Start Over” is a pop song featuring the Toronto based singers Aishvan and Mrii. The production and third lead credit on the song belongs to Toronto based producer OAJEEH. This song takes heavy inspiration from The Weeknd’s 80s synthwave pop style, with the lyrics reflecting on a relationship that could work now that both parties are older and wiser. Both Aishvan and OAJEEH have stated the song is their best released work to date, and all three artists are extremely proud of it. The song was created over a span of 5 months, with the process starting in January and finishing in early May. After about 7 different versions of the song were created, along with many setbacks to release, “Start Over” is now available to all on all streaming platforms including but not limited to Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Amazon Music.




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