Transylvanian Talent – Livia Mihaiu

I’m Livia Mihaiu (38) from Transylvania, Romania (where Dracula comes from, I don’t drink blood though) I’m an IT consultant and one of my hobbies is music/creating my own songs. It all started during the lockdown. I was bored and I just wanted to play a game… named garageband. I’m still playing this game…

I’m just a human. Being. Surfing the waves of sound. Through music I become more honest about who I am and what I’m really experiencing. I just love how making music allows me explore my creative sides, it’s like creating a little piece of art and this drives me to enjoy the process so much more. I enjoy trying out new ideas, combining various sounds to make my own style.

My new song: “Love This Game” – it’s about another passion of mine, basketball.  I also made a video for this song: 

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