What’s in the name 7th Heaven?

I’ve long dreamed of becoming a writer/producer of music!  When I finally took a leap and contacted a songwriter and studio owner in Nashville, I was sort of putting my early development into the hands of a team that has worked mostly in and around country music.  I quickly learned that I was not working with country musicians; I was working with musicians who happen to play a lot of country music!  Some of my perceptions of Nashville and country music had to be tossed out the window, as I learned that the craft of music can be expressed in so many different ways – with no one way/genre being superior.  I had that wrong for most of my life.  I saw that these Nashville cats could PLAY!

After writing and producing a bunch of country-flavored music, I wandered back to the musical style that first captured me as a kid in the 70s.  I wrote a song called ‘7th Heaven.’  That name was a literal play on my writing starting to contain more 7th chords (and other more complex chords with extensions).  And it was a figurative play on the deep euphoria that music stirs in me.  When the song was first recorded in Nashville, entirely by Nashville musicians, it started to become more than just my next song.  It became the direction for my writing and producing.  It became my music brand.

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