Yo, wassup! My name is Brodie Henkelman, but I go by the stage name of “YVNGSADBOY” or “YVNG NIGHTMARE.” I started writing music at the age of 10 and started recording and releasing songs on soundcloud as a freshman in highschool.
I was always inspired by music, even at a young age. I remember my Gma buying me a notebook one year for my birthday just so I had somewhere I could write! However, until my accident freshman year it was nothing more than a hobby. After being struck by a car biking on my way to school, I was left with a brain injury called Executive Functioning Disorder or E.F.D. for short. I struggled with mental health a little bit prior to this injury, however as you can imagine the injury only made it worse. All of a sudden my depression and anxiety had skyrocketed. I started to struggle with thoughts such as suicide, low self esteem, low self image, being ok with the person I am, just to name a couple; while simultainiously juggling a broken relationship with my father and the trauma coming from it, and the drug addictions I started just to cope with my mental health. It wasn’t until this accident that music became a form of therapy for me.So, with the help of my GF I got sober and started using music to express how I was feeling and as a form of therapy. 

I felt alone in the beginning of my journey, but after making the music I wanted to hear myself, and hearing other artists talk about the same stuff I realized I wasn’t. I realized there’s a whole community of us; of broken individuals who feel as though they aren’t good enough, or they don’t matter, or even that they were alone just like I thought. I realized I’m not the only one with this pain or who feels like they’re going through it alone. So, I made it my mission to reach those people. The only way to heal from something like this is community. I’ve always said if my music can reach and change the life of just one person, even just one, then everything I’ve gone through has a point. If I can help someone get out of that hole of pain and heartache then all my pain and heartache was worth it.
My goal with my music is not only to help myself express my feelings, but also help other people like me. My hope for my music is that it will reach and touch people the same way Juice WRLD’s or Lil Peep’s or XXXTentacion’s music did. I want to be a beacon of hope in a world of darkness!
Thank you, for allowing me to tell my story, and share my music! I hope it helps you or someone you may know who may be struggling with mental health! If you want to stay up to date with my music, or get in touch with me, you can follow me on IG @the_real_yvngsadboy_official or, on tik-tok where I post snippets of unreleased music @yvngsadboy. 
Thank you for this opportunity!

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