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Element J: A Musician Sharing His Passion and Changing the Music Industry

February 05, 20232 min read

element j

From an early age, Element J has had a passion for music. Growing up in a musical and artistic family, Element J was naturally gifted with the ability to play instruments and write music. His first music teacher was helpful and disciplined, pushing Element J to reach his full potential. His first instrument was the keyboard and he taught himself to play the drums, piano, and cello. Element J’s artist name is inspired by his mission to spread a positive energy and help people around the world become spiritually awakened and heal.

element j

Element J’s music can be described as uplifting and healing. He listens to his heart when creating and freestyles until he catches a vibe. His main inspiration is the world and humanity, and he admires musicians such as Russ, Big Sean, and JELEEL! Element J creates for himself and listens to his own music, but he also performs in concerts, artist showcases, and open verse challenges. When he performs, he loves to connect with his audience and energize them with high energy.

Being an artist, Element J has to manage frequent travels and long nights, so he makes sure to take care of his energy and stay energized. He also has to balance his music with other obligations such as school, family, and friends. And, like many artists, Element J has encountered the challenge of staying consistent. If he could change one thing about the music industry, it would be switching the narrative from drugs, cars, clothes, and hoes to something more positive, healing, and uplifting.

Element J’s plans for the coming months include new music, music videos, press, and headlining shows. He also dreams of artistic collaborations and is open to any opportunities he encounters.

element j

You can find Element J’s music at

and contact him at

or through his Solo page,

If you’re looking for uplifting and healing music, Element J is the artist for you. Follow him on his journey and watch him change the music industry.

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